Frequently Asked Questions



We prefer at least 1 week notice for orders to allow sugar figurines/decorations to properly dry.  You can order by phone 0413200891 or via email . We will reply within 48 hours.  For urgent orders, do not hesitate to contact us.  We will try our best to accommodate your order if possible.


Do not forget to provide us your contact number, the amount of cupcakes you require, flavours,  cupcake designs, a description or a photo of your custom cake design and the date/time for pick up or delivery.  For delivery, please provide a delivery address.  We will give you a quote as soon as we can. 




We can take a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your date.  Full payment is required 2 weeks prior to your event date.  We will not start an order or deliver any cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies, cakesicles or dessert cups without full payment.   Our preferred method of payment is via Bank Deposit.  We also take credit card payment (Visa and Mastercard) and we can accept cash for small orders under $50.  

For corporate we can keep a corporate account.

Non-payment of invoices with final notices will be sent to a debt collector agency, tribunal or magistrate's court.  All fees and charges for the debt collector service or any legal proceedings that arises due to non payment of invoices will be at your expense.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

All requests to cancel or change the design of your cupcakes, cakes, macarons, cookies, cakesicles or dessert cups order need to be in writing.   For cancellation, the 50% deposit may be refunded if you let us know writing 3 hours of booking.  Otherwise, refunds will be at the discretion of Mes Petits Cupcakes.  The reason being for custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cakesicles, macarons or dessert cups some special equipments or decorations need to be ordered as soon as possible to achieve your design or some custom hand decorations have to be prepared in advance according to your colour/theme requested and in most cases we are unable to re-sell them.   


Delivery and Pick Ups

We mainly service the Eastern Suburbs.  Our cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies, cakesicles and dessert cups can be collected from our kitchen in Bulleen or we can organise for delivery/pickup in Melbourne CBD for a fee.  Please contact us for other suburbs and delivery fees.


Although every possible care will be taken with the delivery and set up, once delivered or picked up, the cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cakesicles, dessert cups and cookies becomes the responsibility of the customer and we cannot be held responsible for any destruction of the cakes or other products once they are in the care of customer.


In the case of pick ups, it is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive with the right kind of vehicle with enough space for the cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cakesicles, dessert cups and macarons. We recommend a flat area with a non slip mat, and no objects around the cake, cupcakes cookies, macarons and dessert cups for transportation. We do not recommend transporting the cakes, cupcakes, dessert cups on passenger seats.  In hot weather conditions, please keep your airconditioner on in the vehicle.  

If you need to lift the cake, cupcakes. cakesicles, cookies or dessert cups, please keep them level.  In no case, should you tilt the cake, cupcakes, cookies, cakesicles or dessert cups as decorations may fall and be damaged.


If the cake or any other products purchased from us are damaged while in your care, if possible, we may try to repair it for a fee. 



Storage of Cupcakes , Cakes ,Macarons and Dessert Cups

All cupcakes, Macarons and Dessert Cups need to be stored in a fridge between 0-5 degrees Celcius.  We recommend to take the cupcakes, macarons and dessert cups out of the fridge to bring to room temperature 15-30mins before serving.  Our cupcakes, macarons and dessert cups will store well for up to 3 days in the fridge.  But, as we say, fresh is best.


Some of our cakes also need to be refrigerated between 0-5 degrees Celcius.  They can be taken out 2 hours before serving to be at its best. 

Decorations on cakes are usually not edible due to internal support we need to use to make the figurines, flowers etc.   


Once cakes, cupcakes, cookies, macarons and dessert cups have been picked up or delivered, it is the responsibility of the customer to store and treat the items with care.  Our creations must not be placed near a source of heat. We recommend storing our creations in a cool air conditioned room.  We will not be held responsible for heat damaged cakes and cupcakes and all other products purchased from us.


After the party, you can store your cake in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 week or keep frozen for up to 3 months.   Note that fondant icing and sugar decorations and figurines may be damaged by moisture.  You can keep the sugar decorations in an airtight container but note that the colours will also fade over time.  If you are unsure how to store our products, please contact us. 


Please contact us immediately if you have any other questions concerning the cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cakesicles, dessert cups and macarons. 



Cupcake Stand Hire

We offer a variety of acrylic stands for hire or purchase to display the beautiful cupcakes.


Stand hire is $30 with a refundable deposit of $100.  The $100 deposit will be returned

to you upon you returning the stand to us unbroken, no parts missing and no scratches.

Should the stand be damaged in any way, the whole $100 will be forfeited as we cannot

simply replace parts, we need to purchased a new stand. Stands are to be returned 3 days

after the event or we can arrange pick up for $30-$50 in the CBD. Fees vary depending on

venue location and parking availability

Stands hire are available for Mes Petits Cupcakes customers only.  Not available for hire to

general public.

Should you wish to purchase the stand to display your beautiful, please let us know 

at least 1 month in advance. 

Creative Freedom and Party with Theme

All our creations are hand made and therefore no two creations are alike even if we are repeating a design. Please understand that there might be slight variances from what you see in pictures. We also reserve the right to make any alterations to the design as we see fit when we are producing your creation.


We understand that you have a party theme and although you have sent us a picture of your theme, there may be colour variances as different computer screens or mobile phones will show different colour tones.  We will not be held responsible if the colour is not

exactly the same as your party theme.  We will do our best to match the colour theme as close as we can. 

We will contact you in the case of major changes. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please inform us from the beginning and we will then be in contact regarding any changes (no matter how minor).




Mes Petits Cupcakes will not be held responsible for any nuts, eggs, lactose, gluten or any allergies.  All our products COULD contain traces of nuts, eggs, lactose or gluten as they are the main ingredients we use for baking in our kitchen.  It is the responsibility of customers to inform their guests that traces of nuts, eggs, lactose and gluten COULD be present in our cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies, cakesicles and dessert cups.  If your guests have any allergies, you may purchase a separate cake or cupcake for them from a specialty store and ask them to pack each item separately to avoid food contamination.  Please seek advice from your guests about which store is right for them.

Price Change

All prices of all our products are subject to change at anytime without notice. If you have already put a deposit on a product, you will not be subject to price increase.  Unless a deposit has already been paid, new prices will apply although a different quote may have been given to you previously.

Baby Shower Cupcake Tower
Cupcake Bonbonniere Favors for Baby Showers and Weddings by Mes Petits Cupcakes Bulleen Doncaster Kew Templestowe Balwyn Melbourne
Cupcake Bonbonniere Favors for Baby Showers and Weddings by Mes Petits Cupcakes Bulleen Doncaster Kew Templestowe Balwyn Melbourne
Baby Shower Cookies by Mes Petits Cupcakes Bulleen Doncaster Kew Balwyn Templestowe Melbourne

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